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SSG01 Sound Coprocessor IC
SSG01 Sound Coprocessor IC
The Soundgin is an 18-Pin Microchip PIC18F1320 that has been programmed to generate complex sounds by incorporating six oscillators which can interact with each other in various ways.
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SoundGin Console Software
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Free Software Download

Soundgin P.C. Console Software

The Soundgin's P.C. Console Software provides a means of experimenting with the sounds that can be produced by the Soundgin. 

The software generates, displays and sends to the Soundgin all the necessary serial data for the functions found on the console.

Download Soundgin Console Software

Screen Shots

Music Synthesizer

Controls the functions that allow the Soundgin  to be used as a music synthesizer.  

Functions include:

  • Basic oscillator functions:

    • Amplitude

    • Frequency

    • Amplitude modulation

    • Frequency modulation

    • Wave shape: Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Saw, Noise, Level, Vocal Cords

  • Play musical note

  • Release musical note

  • Envelope shape

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Phonetic Synthesizer

Controls the functions that allow the Soundgin  to synthesize the sounds of the English language. 

Functions include:

  • Basic oscillator functions.

  • 59 Phoneme presets

  • Play (sing) phoneme at selected musical note

  • Format frequency bend

  • Voice density

Selecting any one of the 59 Phoneme presets will set the oscillators in such a way that that it will emulate the sounds of the English language.  Selecting them in sequence will cause the Soundgin to speak any sentence.

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Special Effects Voices

By changing the oscillator settings, the voice can be changed from a human sounding voice to novel sounding voices such as:

Sound Targets

Controls the Sound Morphing functions that ramp the frequency and amplitude of each oscillator to specified points. 

Functions include:

  • Basic oscillator functions:

  • Amplitude Target control

  • Frequency Target control

  • Synchronized arrival.

Sound targets are used when one sound needs to morph into another sound. 

Click for larger view

Preset Sounds

Controls the functions that load the Sound Engines with predefined sounds.

Functions include:

  • Basic oscillator functions:

  • Preset selection board.

Each of the sound engines can be loaded with a different preset at the same time allowing for dual sound effects.  Dual sound effects can be used for things such as a steam locomotive where the steam engine sound is loaded into one engine and the steam whistle in the other.  Together, these two sounds form a single sound effect while still allowing independent modifications of each.

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