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SSG01 Sound Coprocessor IC
SSG01 Sound Coprocessor IC
The Soundgin is an 18-Pin Microchip PIC18F1320 that has been programmed to generate complex sounds by incorporating six oscillators which can interact with each other in various ways.
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TTS256 Text to Code IC for SpeakJet
TTS256 Text to Code IC for SpeakJet
The TTS256 is an 8-bit microprocessor programmed with letter-to-sound rules.
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Magnevation SpeakJet 18 Pin SOIC
Magnevation SpeakJet 18 Pin SOIC
Completely self contained, single chip voice synthesizer and complex sound synthesizer. 18 Pin SOIC Package (Surface mount part)
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Magnevation SpeakJet Item Name:
Magnevation SpeakJet
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$22.49 (10 - 50)

This little 18 Pin IC is exactly what you need to add speech and audio to your latest project.  These things are just so cool and packed with features too!  All you need to add is +5V and a speaker!  Now it's easy for anyone to add speech to your hardware projects.


  • Programmable 5 channel synthesizer
  • Natural phonetic speech synthesis
  • DTMF and other sound effects
  • Control of pitch, rate, bend and volume
  • Programmable announcements
  • Multiple modes of operation
  • Simple interface to microcontrollers
  • Simple ?Stand Alone? operation
  • Three programmable digital outputs
  • Internal 64 Byte buffer
  • Internal programmable EEPROM
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Low pin count
  • Multiple case styles available
  • Only need power and speaker to hear speech


The SpeakJet is a completely self contained, single chip voice and complex sound synthesizer. It uses a mathematical sound algorithm to control an internal five channel sound synthesizer to generate on-the-fly, unlimited vocabulary speech synthesis and complex sound generation.


The SpeakJet is programmed with 72 speech elements (allophones), 43 sound effects, and 12 DTMF Touch Tones. Through the selection of these sounds and in combination with the control of the pitch, rate, bend, and volume parameters, the user has the ability to produce unlimited phrases and sound effects, with thousands of variations, at any time. The SpeakJet can be controlled simultaneously by logic changes on any one of its eight Event Input lines, and by a single I/O line from a CPU (such as the OOPic or the Basic Stamp) allowing for both CPU-Controlled and Stand-Alone operations.


Other features include an internal 64 byte input buffer, Internal Programmable EEPROM, three programmable outputs, and direct user access to the internal five channel sound synthesizer.


Diasy Bell by Craig Iannello


Magnevation Speakjet User Manual (PDF)



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